With an extremely high failure rate the Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) requires appropriate study to reach a passing grade. Designed by the faculty of the Federation of State Medical Boards this one day test is continuously in evolution. In its present incarnation there are 336 questions divided into 7 sections. Each section has 48 questions with a completion time of 64 minutes. Federation of State Board Literature is not precise concerning the contents of this exam. Many who have come to this test believed that minimal study was needed to pass. They were very surprised when their exam grades came in the mail. Required by state medical boards these entities provide minimal to no information in the exam’s contents or preparation. This mini course evolved out of the need for potential examinees to be provided with guidance on which subject matter to emphasize in their studies and which instructional material will give them the greatest chance of a successful passage of this exam.




Core Internal Medicine subjects are only part of this exam. A vast array of specialties which include multiple disciplines in surgery, pediatrics, genetics, psychiatry, medical statistics, obstetrics/gynecology and radiology have appeared on recent tests. This course will discuss question types which have appeared in current exams for the latter subject matter and allow the physician the maximum use of his or her study time. The course runs 2-3 hours and is performed by phone at a mutually agreed time. The cost is $300.  Please contact Mark Davis, MD at platomd@gmail.com with questions or to schedule a time to take the course.



Dr. Mark Davis, MD has counseled many physicians to help them in their ultimate goal to pass this exam.  Preparation from this course will be an invaluable aid in achieving a passing grade or better. Please contact Dr. Davis as soon as you know the SPEX is required for your medical licensure.  platomd@gmail.com






     As many physicians have discovered the Special Examination (SPEX) test was designed to fail. This exam’s broad contents, extensive set of questions and limited time to complete have caused an extremely high failure rate. Literature by the Federation of State Medical Boards, concerning this exam, is vague and misdirects applicants on what material to study.


     SPEX test consists of 336 questions broken down into 7 sections. Each segment contains 48 questions that must be finished in 64 minutes. This requires that examinees finish each question in 1.3 minutes. Many questions are 10 or more sentences in length with attached graphs, diagrams and or x-rays. Examinees are provided insufficient time to evaluate the circumstance of each question therefore choosing the correct answer becomes extremely difficult. This test is not a fair representation of a physician’s knowledge or abilities. Yet state boards require this unfair test under a number of circumstances. Usually a physician who has been away from practice for a prescribed period of time is a candidate. Unfortunately most medical boards provide no help in directing the physician where to emphasize his or her time. For the aforementioned reasons SPEX TUTORIAL SERVICES came into being.


     One on one tutoring helps candidates for the SPEX exam focus on the proper course of study. Your tutor, Mark Davis MD, has accumulated a vast experience with this exam. His knowledge ranges from specific question content to the flow of subject matter on recent exams. Dr. Davis will discuss which books and videos will give you the most return for time spent. With a physician’s limited time learning the most important aspects of the SPEX test will give the examinee a clear edge in order to pass this exam.


     To schedule time with Dr. Mark Davis please use the following email: platomd@gmail.com or the following phone numbers: service 410-515-7858 or office 410-515-7848. Tuition is $250 per hour. Your time and money will be well spent with this service. All interactions are performed with strict confidentiality. Thank you, Mark Davis MD.








     Special Examination (SPEX) is a complex test designed to examine a physician’s fund of knowledge. Federation of State Medical Boards is the creator of this exam. Physicians who have been out of practice for an extended period of time, depending on their state medical board’s regulations, are required to take this test.


     Within the structure of the current exam 336 questions are the substance of this test. These questions are broken down into 7 segments with 64 minutes allocated for each section. Stated in another format each question is allotted 1.3 minutes. Passing grade is 75. States can amend the pass grade as they determine the necessity to. Taken over a one day period insufficient time is given to evaluate each question. The failure rate is high. Many physicians are forced to take this exam two or more times. Crucial to the examinees are the direction in which to apply their studies.


     Many books which are designated as SPEX references are either out of date and or inapplicable to the current test format. Federation of State Medical Boards literature is vague to the contents of this exam and misdirects the potential examinee on which information to study. For the aforementioned reasons SPEX TUTORIAL SERVICES came into being.


     A “One on One” tutorial with Mark Davis MD, who has extensive knowledge of the SPEX exam’s contents, will emphasize key study areas. Recurrent question formats will be discussed in depth. Areas of study applicable to the SPEX, not mentioned in reference literature will be analyzed extensively. Esoteric subject matter from prior tests will be highlighted. Physicians have found this format with Dr. Davis extremely helpful in their studies to pass the SPEX exam and get back into practice.


     Tuition rate for a one on one tutorial with Dr. Davis is $250 per hour. Many physicians purchase 1-2 hours at a time. As the course of their studies progress many doctors return for several more segments. With a physician’s study time limited Dr. Davis adapts his schedule closely  to that of the examinee.




      To schedule time with Dr. Davis please contact him in the following manners: by email at platomd@gmail.com  by office phone: 410-515-7848 or his service at 410-515-7858.