Former President Barack Obama energized the media with his weekly scandals, blatantly confusing rhetoric and the devious nature in which he managed his office. Barack Obama’s passing into history is tantamount to a pin hitting the floor, it’s barely audible now. This article can only touch upon the myth created around an ineffectual leader. As we know myths become legends and legends become whispers of a past that never happened.




Egregious leaders are usually colorful, self-absorbed with egos that define who they are, no less for the former President. Many questions still surround Obama’s background that continues to haunt us today. Why was his school records kept from the public? How did he manage to obtain entrance to Harvard Law School? Who were his financial backers?  One can clearly state a cloak of secrecy enveloped him early on keeping inquisitive minds at a distance. During the hunt to identify who resided in the White House the hunters were stonewalled at every turn. The greater irony was the alphabet soup of media outlets were in the tank for him right or wrong. Those who took an antithetical view to Obama’s stated goals found themselves diminished and or out in the street because there was no tolerance for the truth under the then reigning monarch. The game was who would Obama harm next as he cheated the country out of a well-deserved treason trial.




Against all odds the country did not fall into a World War as Obama destroyed relationships with the few friends the United States had left on this planet. Israel was blatantly rebuffed. Russia was cast as the ultimate evil empire ready to tear into us without notice. China was given the keys to our country as they dumped commercial products on our shores creating massive trade imbalances measured in hundreds of billions. Incompetence cannot be measured. In the event it could Obama’s IQ would be beyond the ability to quantify. The former President’s actions eviscerated this country. Nobel Peace Prize was given to him yet no peace occurred. Trillions stolen from the treasury to reconstruct the country yet infrastructure is still decadent. Health care access and delivery are a mess after spending hundreds of billions on a program designed to lose.  Race relations are infinitely worse since Obama took office for deliberate reasons among them were his blatant hate for every tradition and institution which made this country strong. Ineptitude follows those who spread their wings but have no ability to fly. President Obama could not fly nor did he have the capability to perceive the detriment he caused the nation.  As the toxic cloud of Democrat rule diffuses the left will attempt to stifle the new President’s rule with a collection of measures designed to cause gridlock. President Trump will succeed, as the left, shocked by a loss to him, moves further into oblivion.  Yes, tens of millions will miss Obama for the day to day entertainment his incompetence provided. Now that he has moved on the level of Prozac intake has already gone down exponentially as we look forward to rational government once again. Give President Trump a chance you need him more than he needs you. Mark Davis MD manager of Best Book Reviews, platomd@gmail.com  onandoffthehill.com



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