Juan Williams Time to Seek other Pastures




   Sometimes I cringe when listening to Juan Williams speak on Fox News through their various media outlets. Mr. William’s brand of news must inject a bit of darkness no matter where the discussion leads. His strong background working for various news organizations such as the Washington Post and National Public Radio belies the fact he never seems to be prepared for round table discussions or one on one interviews. Race relations, in all its formats, is always on the plate when Juan is in the room. Fox News’ goal to bring balance to their presentations does not excuse them for the many nonsensical statements brought to the air by Mr. Williams. Fact and opinion appear to merge when Juan’s turn to speak arrives. He legitimatizes Democrat actions in the Congress by drawing on fallacious and or misinterpretations of historical events.  Juan sees life through the filter of racism. There is no doubt about his Party affiliation. Juan is 100% Democrat. Hillary’s criminality, no problem for Juan. President Trump’s attempt to keep America safe is impugned by a man whose mind goes in only one direction. I once saw Juan smile. His grimace paralleled that of Lurch from the Adam’s Family. Perhaps Juan Williams has out grown Fox or vice versa. Nevertheless in the very small event I watch Fox programming if Juan is present I move on. Mr. Williams stop stating opinion as though it was fact. Brush up on your elocution skills and above all please stop adding a tinge of racism to every discussion. Mark Davis MD, manager of On and Off the Hill at:  onandoffthehill.com    platomd@gmail.com



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