Disintegrating before the eyes of an indifferent American public remnants of the Democrat Party are scrambling to find a common center. Beaten badly in the 2016 presidential election these soldiers of liberalism must now confront their losses in the hallways and conference rooms of history.  Down on their luck is insufficient for them. Their newest escapade is obstructionism.  Government works best when balance and order coexist in the same plane of time. Party leaders and disoriented minions have taken to the media attempting to stretch their withering power by explaining why they are boycotting President Trump’s Cabinet nomination hearings. Excuses for their absence range from a stubbed toe to sudden dementia. A few have tried the race card yet fewer were paying attention to this ancient rhetoric.  Listening to the Senate Minority leader and his tearful presentations challenges the weakess minds amongst us. Trump has triumphed by injecting himself into the opposing party members’ egos causing  visual distress as is apparent on the Minority Leader’s face. We are now at the crossroads of jealousy, envy, insanity and circumspection where no liberal can take sanctuary.




Democracy moves in waves. Flagrant violation of civility, process and Congressional custom are on display as members of the Senate dance around their sole purpose for being in the nation’s capital, performing the peoples’ business.  Democratic principles are not in the forefront in the minds of those who suspend rational thought in pursuit of revenge against the conservative leadership. Ironically the opposing party can dance until they wear out their shoes in a fruitless effort to block confirmation of Trump nominees.  The interrogation intensity of potential Trump appointees has been so vigorous one could extrapolate the examiners are looking for terrorism in their backgrounds. Fumbling with minutia orchestrated attempts to diminish the nomination and or approval process enhances the likelihood the conservative base will use the nuclear option. Meaning a 51 instead of 60 vote count by the Senate can be utilized to seat desperately needed leadership in their respective departments. The path voting will take is all dependent on the minority party.




President Trump chose the best of the best in Judge Neil Gorsuch as the nominee for the highest bench in America. Impeccable background, both in education and work history, he will add flavor to a souring Court. Not so fast say the Democrats as they dig for any dent in Gorsuch’s armor. Perhaps he J walked as a child. Or maybe he made an off the cuff remark concerning pizza indicating a slight against Italians. The latter nonsensical statements illustrate the length to which opposing party members will reach to deter Gorsuch’s nomination. These statements are facetious, no doubt, yet they exemplify the deep hate and demoralization of a party sinking fast. Point being there is no political absolution for those who take a process utilized for centuries to the brink with hardball tactics. President Trump’s continued attempt to move the country forward may be stifled by an embedded Obama mindset still in play. All indications are the President will have his players in place in the very near future with or without help from those who seek only gridlock in Washington.  Point of caution to liberals you are not dealing with a run of the mill president. Donald Trump is an alpha male. He will do whatever it takes to move his agenda forward and if necessary stick it to those who interfere with what is necessary and proper to carry out government function.  God bless America, the President and the people who love and support this nation. God damn those who seek to bring it down.  Mark Davis MD


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