Books and reviews are inseparable. Reviews are fingerprints of the authored work they intend to display. A proper critique demands an appropriate analysis to draw out the best in a book. Many books languish, forgotten relics of hard work and vision. My job as a book reviewer is to flesh out important aspects of a publication so potential readers will be drawn into the substance of the work. There are very few bad books. Yet there are many poorly conceived reviews. A reviewer’s challenge is give his or her reader a flavor of the book being considered. With the latter in mind a book review should be authentic, unique and well written.


Best Book Reviews came into existence because its owner, Mark Davis MD, was not able to obtain appropriate review services when needed for his works. The few reviewers available requested outrageous prices to perform the work. Dr. Davis has a wide experience reviewing, proofing and copy editing books and journal articles. He reviews nonfiction books of most genres and science fiction. Whether it is a hard back, paper format, E book or other digital representation the review is always thorough, timely and worth the limited expense. Dr. Davis’ rates for review are extremely competitive. Do not let your book languish. A good review highlights booth the author and his work. Please contact Dr. Davis to discuss or perform a review at



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