Madonna F Bombs the Nation’s Capital




Meandering through the streets of Washington D.C., one day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, gaggles of women came to voice their concerns about our new President. Included in this group were the famous, infamous and the desperate. Stars of liberalism were sprinkled throughout the crowds. None was more ferocious than the queen of sexual deviancy than Madonna Louise Ciccone or simply Madonna.




Giving voice to tens of thousands whose lives are hidden behind commonality Madonna’s sharp tongue articulated the inexcusable. In an unintelligible rant fraught with the F word Madonna exhorted personal considerations to destroy the White House. This dissolute creature who pulled herself up from the gutter believes her wealth and fame should allow her to threaten anyone she is in disagreement with. Donald Trump is presently in the crosshairs of her less than insightful mind. Before he has had the chance to sign one piece of legislation into law this vixen of song wants him to meet his Maker by her hands. Normally when a person utters statements similar to hers the Secret Service would be at their door. Yet Madonna appears to have escaped government scrutiny for her verbal failings at least for now.




Women and others claiming to be women protested in the time honored tradition allowed by the Constitution. They came to Washington by the tens of thousands to deride the new President in media created belief that Trump believes women are beneath him. A small percentage of this motley group stepped over the line by displaying disgusting physical representations of female body parts. Reflecting Madonna’s sentiments many utilized threatening gestures and words in a mindless attempt to derail a new government. Part of the conversation concerned Trump’s personal morality. If there were comparisons to be made with the new President the morality of the provocateurs should be questioned.


Donald Trump, in his usual style, tweeted the following concerning those who descended on the Capital: “Watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election! Why didn’t these people vote? Celebs hurt cause badly.” His words were not ones of dissension but of observation. President Trump believes in the right to gather, protest and let off a little verbal steam. He questions the motivations of celebs who want to capture the limelight for one more spin around the block before going into oblivion. Distraught that America now has an alpha male in power instead of a gamma liberal minds seek to undermine the legitimacy of this new President. Their failures only strengthen the new Presidency which displayed enormous reserve in not constraining and containing these reprobates.




Donald Trump’s First Amendment beliefs were on display this weekend. Unlike Nixon, who I also admired, our new President could have ordered harsher tactics upon those who threatened the nation’s central seat of power. He did not. In doing so Trump set the tone of toleration for his term in office with one caveat: he will call out anyone who denigrates him. Celebs should be placed on notice the people are back in power. While Trump is clearing out the mess Obama left if you want to see the former denizen of the Oval Office make a left, head towards the left coast and follow the signs to la la land.




Mark Davis, MD Book reviewer extraordinaire.



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